SMYL Mission Statement:

Mentoring Seneca County Youth to make better choices for a brighter future!

SMYL is a youth mentoring program dedicated to pairing local youth(ages 6-17)with mentors in order to provide a positive, stable influence in the youth’s life. A mentor is there to act as a friend and a guide in a fun,positive way.


The success of the match friendship depends greatly on the efforts of the mentor and the youth, with the support of the Parent and/or Teacher and Agency Staff. Each one plays an important role in helping build a meaningful friendship.



SMYL aims to provide an avenue to build these friendships and foster more positive environments for youth in Seneca County, Ohio.

Foundation Board


Mandi Hummel

Jill Gosche

Nicole Miller

Jay Rishty

Susan Wilkinson


Matt Coleman - mcoleman@ncoesc.org

Alisa Fry - afry@ncoesc.org

Jennifer Gill - jgill@ncoesc.org

Cristy Ott - cott@ncoesc.net